Simple Method To Get Your Zenith Bank Account Number

Hello readers, in today’s lesson we are going to teach you how to check your zenith bank account number on your mobile phone without visiting your bank branch. Sometimes we need to use our account number to make some important transaction, but we don’t have it up to head, and we don’t know how to retrieve it on our mobile phone.

It makes it the main reason I think that it is very important for every zenith bank customer to know how to check his bank account number on his phone any time he wishes to retrieve it.

Therefore, in this today’s lesson, you will learn all the steps by providing the screenshot example to understand it clearly. Before we get started, please make sure that you subscribe to our blog so that whenever we posted a new topic on our great website, you will notice it within a short time.

How To Get Your Zenith Bank Account Number

  • Dial *966*0# on your mobile phone in the same Sim card that you have registered or receive your zenith bank account alert message to your phone.
  • Reply with Number six(6) and click send bottom in other to move to the second page because the first page did not contain what we needed to do.
  • Select an option one(1) retrieve the account number in the following two options as follows:

(1)Retrieve the account number

(2)Reactivate the dormant account.

  • For zenith bank account number inquiry, please enter your last six-digit atm debit card number and click send bottom in this step to view your zenith bank account number.
  • After you finish step four mentioned above, your zenith bank account number will automatically preview in your mobile phone screen prompt.

Important Things To Note

  1. You can only use your registered zenith bank mobile sim card to retrieve your zenith bank account number.
  2. A Debit card number is a sixteen-digit (16) Number in front of your atm debit card. Mostly the first Number of your card number starts with the number five (5) or number four (4).
  3. Make sure that you have an available network in your area or environment.
  4. It is free of charge.
  5. No data apply.
  6. You can check it anytime you want.

Finally, for more information, contact your Zenith Bank Customer Service in one of the following contact information below;

Zenith bank WhatsApp number: 07040004422

Zenith bank email address: [email protected].

Zenith bank website: www.zenithbank.com

That is the end of today’s lesson, and I hope you found it very useful.

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