Turn Your Photos To Artwork With These Two Powerful Mobile Apps

Hello readers, welcome back to this blog. There are two powerful mobile apps that anyone can use to turn his photo into artwork without wasting time. The brain behind these apps is a deep-style neural painting algorithm, but the way it is applied in different apps sets them apart. And right now, you can make all these things for free, adding filters that mimic the styles of paintings by famous artists, and these filters add a whole new dimension to photos.

Without wasting time, let me take you into these two powerful apps

1. Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor (Android, iOS)
Prisma is the best among the art filter Apps, as you’ve probably seen this app mentioned either on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter recently. Prisma has kicked off the art-style filter craze because it is straightforward to use and does a few things none of the other apps do.

With Prisma, once you choose a photo and a filter, it will apply the filter immediately (it takes about 10-20 seconds) and show you a preview of your final image. It’s just like how Instagram filters work. You can then slide your finger left or right to denote the filter’s intensity, from 0 to 100 percent. The links to download both android and ios versions of the app will be provided below.

Download: Prisma for Android (Free) | For iPhone (Free)

2. Pikazo – AI Art (Android, iOS)
Pikazo has been around for longer than Prisma, which gives it a slight edge. For example, it is accessible on all platforms, letting you create your filter. With Pikazo, you can make your custom art filter.

You start by choosing an image from your phone’s gallery or shooting a new one. Next, choose from one of the few preloaded paintings to determine your style, or add a custom painting from your phone’s gallery. You can easily find great paintings online and choose something that matches your taste.

When you’re done, upload it to Pikazo’s servers, where it will take a few minutes to apply the filter to your image. It’s not instant, which is a little disappointing, but the waiting period isn’t too long (about 5-10 minutes). All your creations are stored in Pikazo and shared to social networks or downloaded for free. Also, the links to download Pikazo Android and iOS versions will be provided below:

Download: Pikazo for Android (Free) | for iOS (Free)

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