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WordPress and Blogger Which One To Use In 2022

Hello readers, If you’re starting a new blog or making some significant changes to your current layout, you’ll most likely be faced with the decision to choose between Blogger vs. WordPress. Both are stellar services that will make your life as a blogger much easier, but ultimately, your decision must come down to one. So don’t cross over. Let’s walk this path together and ensure that you don’t get lost in the wonderful world of the web, looking for answers.

Before we start, it is essential to note that, WordPress as you might have noticed, comes in two different flavors, and Seemingly identical, but practically, not. Like in Blogger vs. WordPress, hosting at is like renting a corporate apartment where the corporate is responsible for maintaining and facilitating your place. While hosting at is similar to buying your apartment, you are responsible for your place’s security, maintenance, and many others.

So, wherever you see the word ‘WordPress,’ know it refers to


1. Design & Customizability
With hundreds of featured rich-customizable design templates, you would find yourself lost in the WordPress arena, ensuring that your site looks unique, catchy, and simply marvelous to visitors. Blogger themes, some would say, are not responsive; but let me tell you a secret. With a bit of search online, you can find hundreds of free, highly customizable, responsive templates that you can easily integrate into your blog so that you and your site visitors stay in touch with your blog through their handsets.

2. User-Friendliness
WordPress is a clear front-runner in the blogging and web design community regarding how many people use the platform. However, because something is used more often than another, it doesn’t mean it’s easier to use. The problem with WordPress is that it wasn’t designed for beginners who want to take up blogging as a side hobby. To set up your WordPress blog, you have to have previous knowledge of thining, bandwidth, HTML, and SEO practices.

3. Gadgets, Widgets & Plugins
Blogger may not have as many plugins or widgets as WordPress, and it does have enough to provide you with what you need. Blogger’s simplicity, in many ways, gives it an edge over WordPress because you can focus most of your time on producing great content instead of seeing how many bells and whistles you can add to the site.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Not every person that starts a blog is looking to make money off the content; some people like to write for the sake of writing. Whatever your goals are for starting the blog, search engine optimization is crucial in growing your readership, so others might enjoy what you have to share. Sticking to Blogger means Google would optimize your blog itself from an SEO perspective. While WordPress takes a hands-on approach that will require you to know a little more to modify your website design and content to meet these standards.

Finally, one can choose the platform to focus on with the above explanation. But it is important to note that, Blogger’s simplicity is perhaps one of its most significant advantages and provides bloggers of all experience levels a chance to succeed.


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